Corporate Culture

  Through 60 years’ development, Daewoo Bus, an internationally renowned brand, has established 52 branches and production bases in China, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Egypt, Iran, and Malaysia etc. World-wide fame has been gained owing to its extrusive fuel economy, safety and high stability.

  Guilin Daewoo Bus, which has concentrated about 60 years’ bus manufacturing experiences of Daewoo Korea, always follows Daewoo’s disciplined and pragmatic work style and the corporate culture, people oriented. That has become the strong force for development. Moreover, the company has adopted international advanced SAP system to regulate and control enterprise resources – supplies, funds, technology, manpower, and equipments etc. in the overall process of manufacturing. With strict inspection system, the entire production process of every bus has been recorded. In addition to that, relying on forceful flow control and adopting advanced manufacturing technique such as integral structure technology, decking production, cavity wax infusion etc. to guaranteed production quality, Guilin Daewoo has maintained total customer satisfaction.

  For the past few years, Guilin Daewoo has further improved its global marketing mechanism and after-sales service system and speeded market exploit up through unremitting efforts. Its marketing network covers Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. By means of characteristics of practicality, safety and economy, good reputation has been gained and buses have been exported to Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Ghana, Poland and Chile. Thus the technological and economical efficiency of Guilin Daewoo Bus is being conveyed to everyone.

  Taking “Customer Oriented, Service First” as the objective, Guilin Daewoo has set up more than 150 special service centers and accessory agencies all over the country. Through the sophisticated customer profiles in the SAP system, high-effective one-stop service can be carried out as soon as possible and better service can be provided by everlasting products of Daewoo.