Technical strength

  Carrying forward the DNA of energy-saving and going in hand in hand with Korean headquarters in term of technology, Guilin Daewoo people have mastered the quintessence of international bus development. Based on technology and practicality, more energy-efficient products have been produced. As a result, with the same fuel, Daewoo bus can run father.

  In the process of research and development of products, technology elite of Guilin Daewoo absorb the technology of Korean economical bus and attaches importance to fundamental characteristics – safety, fuel economy and power. At the same time, designing is carried out by standing on customers. Thus every detailing design is done at the first consideration of the maximum convenience, riding comfort and safety so that very thoughtful humanistic care for clients is reflected.

  The Technology Center of Guilin Daewoo has adopted advanced finite element analysis system – CATIA. By using superior steel materials and conducting CAE analysis of the intensity and durability of frame, external force has been distributed to rectangular steel tubes. Finally, excellent vibration-suppressed and pressure-proof effectiveness can be obtained and safety is highly improved.

  Guilin Daewoo is the only corporation that carries wind resistance test in China. By this test, the front part, side bodies, the top and the bottom of bus will be tested through different resistances. Consequently, designing can be optimized and fuel consumption and noise can be reduced.

  The “Thermostatical Expert” system of Daewoo can obtain optimum efficiency by means of using fan to control the preheating temperature of engine. Furthermore, by adopting multiple heat insulation measures, cooling performance can be improved, the life span of engine can be prolonged by 10%, noise can be reduced by 5% and fuel consumption can be saved by 6%.

  E-controller of Guilin Daewoo provides customers with fuel consumption data utilizing internet network information technology. As a consequence it is possible for customers to have information on vehicle maintenance, fault diagnosis, accessory condition and parts catalog at their fingertips. Ultimately, new fashion of performance management is created and that makes the passenger transportation enterprise more competitive!